Branding through Instagram

Instagram today has been used by majority of the teenagers and young adults especially those who use it as a platform to share crucial contents about themselves. In this context, these young people, use Instagram usually for personal branding who aim to introduce themselves who carry certain value towards the society and act as functional members in the community. Branding through Instagram in today’s scene is not uncommon anymore, especially after the presence of Instagram story in 2016, the social media platform has brought the community closer and modern branding has gone up a notch.

There are few tips for company to start using Instagram for branding and we, branding agency branding agency malaysia Malaysia encourage our clients to start doing it the right way by:

1. Tell stories about your brand. We know how Instagram works in terms of photos and videos, most companies usually use it for the sake of promotion and advertising. However, it is not wrong to sometime leave the A&P to the traditional media especially if you’re a big company. Use Instagram to tell stories about your brand and connect to your loyal customers like no other platform could.

2. Include the followers. We are aware some big companies has their own ego but it is not wrong to start include the follower to be engaged with you in Instagram post or story. By this, branding agency Malaysia usually means that start use the stickers on poll or questions and start interact with the followers. Sometimes, it is no harm to be a bit down-to-earth and shake off that ego.

3. Talk about everyday’s topic. It could be totally unrelated with your brand or your product or services. Usually by doing this, you can do a casual research and get some insights from your followers who are usually your customers or potential customers. People love casual talk and everyday’s topic is usually the best way to start interact with the Malaysian digital community.

It may seems new to some of the Malaysian companies, but truth be told is that this practice of branding through Instagram is nothing new for multinational companies overseas. In addition, the practice has bringing them more good than harm, so why not?

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